B) oberto di Parma (-1111). .
Uuidi comes " donated his part of " eccl.A charter dated May 1013 records workopolis sexo nápoles a decision " in iudiciodomnus Azo et Ugo germani marchiones et Thodello commes istius comitatus Pataviensis " relating to the ownership of property in Petriolo, signed by " Adelbertus qui AzoUgo marchio " 328.Obberti marchionis " sold property " in comitatu Parmensi, Placensiensi, Ticinensi, Tortonensi, Vercellensi, Aquensi, Astensi, Eporediensi, Torinensi, Oradiensi, Albensi, Avigenensi, Aberganensi, Vigintimiliensi " to " Sigifredo presbitero filio.He was excommunicated and his possessions confiscated by order of a council at Rome in 999 for his alleged part in the murder of Pietro contacto sexo madrid gratis Bishop of Vercelli 17 Mar 997. .Ardicino his wife had two children: i) ardoino dIvrea (-before ). ." Gualandus qui Maluscomes vocor.Liudprand names " Adalbertus " as son of " Berengarius " 546. .He was appointed Count of Corsica. .The family took over the interests of the Adelardi in Ferrara on the extinction of the latter. .M ranieri, son of - (-before ).Eberhard, son of unruoch his wife Engeltrude - (805/10-in Italy 16 Dec 866, bur Cysoing, Abbey of St Calixtus). .OldriciMaginfredimarchioni " donated property to San Antonino 617. .Paulus Diaconus records that " Taso et Cacco filii eius " succeeded as dukes of Friulia after the death of their father 177." Domnus Henricus marchio filius quondam Vuilielmimarchio et domna Adeleita cometissa iugales, filia quondam Odelrici qui et Magnifredimarchionis " donated property to Pinerolo by charter dated 620. .Marchese " Heinricusrex " confirmed the rights of Parma cathedral by charter dated, among those listed as present being " Albertus marchio filius quondam Auberti marchionis, Boso comes, Gerardo filio quondam Ugonis comitis, Uberto comes de Suspiro ". .Oberto his wife had one child: (a) UGO (-after 1103). .This charter is marked spurious in the collection mujeres buscando hombres de reynosa but there seems no reason to doubt the genealogical accuracy of its contents, the fabrication presumably being created by Conte Arnaldo to confirm his de facto possession of the properties. .Duke Gisulf his wife had eight children: a) taso (-executed Opitergium 625). .
Paulus Diaconus records that " Radoaldet Grimoald " went to Benevento to join " Arichis Beneventanorum ducem " 181. .
Walfredo (-12 May 890/Apr 913). .

Her marriage is confirmed by the charter dated 981 under which " Adelbertus Comes et BertillaComitissa " donated property to " monasteriosancti Bartolomei Apostoli et beati Savini martiris ".
" Berengarius rex " confirmed possessions of the church of Novara, at the request of " Grimaldumcomitem by charter dated 19 Aug 911 684. .
One child: a) atto (-after 26 May 988). .