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78 89 Additionally, the iilp secured land from the government for the construction of Portuguese language cultural centres in Bata and Malabo.
As of February 2016, Obiang is Africa's longest serving dictator.The US Agency for International Development entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Obiang, in April 2006, to establish a social development Fund in the country, implementing projects in the areas of health, education, women's affairs mujeres que buscan hombres houston and the environment.Despite its name, no part of the country's territory lies on the equatorit is in the northern hemisphere, except for the insular Annobón Province, which is about 155 km (96 mi) south of the equator.Born in 1977, Seattle, Washington, USA.(1984) The Cambridge History of Africa: Volume 8, from.78 At its 10th summit in Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea was admitted as a cplp member.Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office.Their efforts resulted in a reduction in all-cause under-five mortality from 152 to 55 deaths per 1,000 live births (down 64 a sharp drop that coincided with the launch of the program.Shortly after the elections, opposition party cpds announced that they were going to protest peacefully against the 26 May elections on 25 June.The Bubi, who constitute 15 of the population, are indigenous to Bioko Island.38 Since August 1979 some 12 real and perceived unsuccessful una mujer soltera puede inseminarse coup attempts have occurred.A b Aworawo, David.The pressure they could bring to bear was weak, but the general trend in West Africa was not.Retrieved on Equatorial Guinea Amnesty International.The Sydney Morning Herald.Most of the Asian population is Chinese, with small numbers of Indians.91 Health edit Main article: Health in Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guineas innovative malaria programs in the early 21st century achieved success in reducing malaria infection, disease, and mortality.
Formerly the colony.

Simon Mann was released from prison on 3 November 2009 for humanitarian reasons.
Gobierno de la Republica de Guinea Ecuatoria.