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You can't just leave a guy with a name like Crazy Eddie out in the cold.
Even the specific examples the Moties give of Crazy Eddie's schemesa time machine, a solar sail probe, FTL travel, world governmentare sci-fi staples which have appeared in the authors' works as well as many other science fiction pieces.
Kutozov has to destroy Blaine's ship, the humans have to flee the Motie system, and the Moties turn out to be duplicitous and quite dangerous to humanity.Crazy Eddie is clearly the key to understanding the Moties.But what fun is that?In other words, Niven and Pournelle make their livings by saying how great Crazy Eddie ideas could.They'll find the stuff anywhere.This interpretation is bolstered when one considers the politics of the book.As the book's human characters get to know the Moties, they repeatedly hear about a legendary fellow called "Crazy Eddie." Crazy Eddie seems to be very important to the Moties, since the aliens mention him when they talk about almost all important historical events.Como parte del equipo que construye y mejora minube cada día, mi sueño es que minube sea un sitio donde pueda compartir todos esos rincones secretos que voy conociendo en mis viajes y que sirvan de inspiración a muchos otros citas de sexo duro viajeros que, con sus experiencias.In contrast, the optimists are all ivory tower types who make bad decisions because they let their ideology trump the realities of strategy, diplomacy, and war.Kutuzov is chief of the Russian army.The characters refer to what a disaster Earth itself is repeatedly, but because humans invented FTL travel (Crazy Eddie #1 broke out of the Sol system (Crazy Eddie #2 and established a galactic Empire (Crazy Eddie #3 things turned out okay for.A Motie must reproduce regularly if it is to continue living.
What does Crazy Eddie mean to a human?